Melo Campos’ Lawyer defended doctoral thesis

Bruno Braz de Castro, lawyer at Melo Campos working with Economic Law and Office Competition, defended his doctoral thesis at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais). In the thesis, named “Efficiency and Rivalry: Alternatives for the Competition law in Developing Countries”, he demonstrates the position of the Brazilian law on the international debate regarding the […]


Brazil moves to allow outsourcing in labor law modernization

The lower house of the Brazilian Congress passed a bill on Wednesday to allow companies to outsource any job, a first move that was fiercely opposed by unions to reform the country’s outdated labor laws. The bill, approved 231-188 after heated debate, also extends to nine months from three the maximum duration of temporary work […]


Melo Campos Advogados announces the return of its business partner Amanda Flávio de Oliveira, after spending two years as a special STF advisor

With great satisfaction, Melo Campos Advogados would like to announce to its clients, partners, and friends, the return of its business associate, Amanda Flávio de Oliveira, to the office, after having been licensed to act as a special advisor in the Supreme Federal Court, from 2014 until 2016. In 2017, she reassumes the leadership of […]


Essential Topics about Brazilian Environmental Legislation

The Brazilian environmental legislation is extensive, including usually more than one thousand legal papers, which must be accomplished for companies.  It is not rare that companies misunderstand the law interpretation and receive penalties from environmental authorities. Furthermore, Brazil is a federation composed by states and municipalities. As environment is a common competence for the Federation, […]


Melo Campos Lawer is part of the Brazilian Delegation at the UN Conference on Climate Change

Junio Magela Alexander, head of the Environmental Law Department of Melo Campos Advogados, is part of the Brazilian Delegation at the UN Climate Change Conference – COP 21. The lawyer is participating in the negotiations and closely following the drafting of the Paris Agreement, which will be the new global document with definitions about new […]


Welcoming Coffee for Australian Companies

On september 14, 2015, Melo Campos Advogados’partner and Brazil Australia Official Chamber of Commerce’s President, Dr. Ezequiel de Melo Campos Netto, gave a lecture about “Doing Business in Brazil” during a welcoming coffee, organized by the Brazil Australia Official Chamber of Commerce and supported by Austrade, for a group of australian executives visiting the country […]


WEBINAR: How cloud sharing taxes work

  In last year’s october, Brazil’s IRS clarified that the operations performed by data centers hired from foreign companies should be taxed as a service importation. On this WEBINAR (portuguese only), which happened on september 1st 2015, this taxation and other questions, regarding the importation of cloud sharing services, were answered by the Melo Campos […]


Companies’ survival in the actual crisis: Legal and Strategic essential aspects

Aiming to show the actions that might help organizations to gain efficiency and easier overcome these uncertain times, Melo Campos Advogados and Accretio, supported by the Brazil Australia Official Chamber of Commerce, promoted a seminar on August 12th  about “Companies’ survival in the actual crisis: legal and strategic essential aspects”. For more information, visit the link below […]


Brazil’s Federal Revenue and Securities Commission collaborate to speed up foreign-resident investors’ applications for taxpayer identification number (CPF)

On May 20, the Brazilian Federal Revenue and the Brazilian Securities Commission officially launched a system to speed up the application for a taxpayer identification number by foreign-resident investors. The new system is a joint effort by the two institutions to improve on the legal requirement that states that foreign-resident investors must apply for a […]

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