The Firm works on administrative claims before the CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense), the PROCONs (Consumer Rights Protection Agencies), SENACON (Justice Ministry’s National Department for the Consumer) and the Regulatory Agencies (ANATEL, ANVISA, ANS, ANEEL, ANTAQ, ANCINE, ANP, among others).

Audits and competition compliance programs.

Preventive and specialized consultation on competition and regulatory issues

Representation in lawsuits of a competition and regulatory nature.

Specialized representation in lawsuits relating to the prevention and/or compensation for damages of a competition nature, as well as suits aimed at the annulment of CADE decisions.

Submittal for approval and monitoring of companies’ anti-trust processes, specifically operations involving mergers, incorporations, joint ventures and associations in the realm of CADE.

Filing suit and monitoring CADE proceedings relating to anti-competitive conduct, particularly: tie-in arrangements, cartels and monopolies.

Follow-up in the negotiation of leniency and settlement agreements with CADE.